• Top Things To Do When Visiting Cat Ba Island

    Cat Ba has the cool air all year around, it is just about 25 Celsius degree on average with many wonderful beaches and primary forests. Cat Ba Island is not only a wonderful destination for taking rest, but it is also great for those interested in adventurous journeys. If you have a chance to visit Cat Ba Island, these following activities are the ones you should do at least once.

    Dive to enjoy coral reefs’ beauty

    Under the water surrounding Cat Ba Island, there are a lot of red coral reefs with rare sea creatures such as pearl, lobster, abalone, and colorful fish. They create the majestic and fantastic beauty of this place. If you have a chance to dive into the ocean, the great and marvelous landscape under the sea can totally glamor you. Joining a diving trip in Monkey Island Resort must be a perfect idea. Diving with the coach’s instruction costs 50 USD for 30 minutes.

    See the whole island from Cannon Fort

    You can catch a moto-taxi to come to Cannon Fort. It is not far from Cat Co I, II, and III Beach. Cannon Fort offers a great sightseeing to view the whole Cat Ba Island from a high distance. From this place, you can take a view of the vast seas, huge mountains with some small ships on the sea water. When the sun sets, its red color hiding behind the mountains makes this place look like a great picture of wonderful landscapes.

    Visit Monkey Island

    This place is the home of many friendly and funny monkeys, so Monkey Island is the children’s favorite tourist attraction. It processes a beautiful beach called Cat Dua Beach. This is the cleanest one in Cat Ba Island. The sea water is absolutely clean and clear. In front of the beach, there are some huge mountains that form the impressive gulfs.

    Join mountain-climbing trip

    This is a kind of adventurous trip you should not ignore when visiting Cat Ba Island. The most favorite spots for climbing include Dau Be Island, Ben Beo Wall, Butterfly Valley, etc.

    Visit Cat Ba National Park

    Cat Ba National Park has a various and pristine biodiversity. It is a great destination you should take into consideration when visiting Cat Ba. In this place, you can totally experience the feeling of wandering around the forest, go cycling and immerse yourself in the unspoiled nature to see some rare animals such as yellow monkeys, langurs, etc. When coming to Cat Ba National Park, you will have a chance to taste local food like pink tea or wild honey.

    Visit caves

    Located on the southeast of the mountain, Da Hoa Cave is another famous tourist destination. Though it is not pretty far from Gia Luan Commune, Da Hoa Cave nearly maintains its pristine beauty and becomes a famous place for any archeological studies. Other caves consist of Trung Trang Cave and Quan Y Cave which contain the multi-shaped and various stalactites.